With thousands of indigent sick people passing through the doors of the country’s biggest tertiary hospital, the possibility of infection getting passed on through various media is not remote. Actually, it happens all the time.

PGH’s Hospital Infection Control Unit or HICU is tasked with effectively addressing and controlling the spread of infection from patient to patient, patient to staff, staff to staff, or staff to patient utilizing a number of ways that range from simple hand sanitation to more complicated procedures like post exposure prophylaxis.

Of course when you are in a government hospital and the demand for resource is perpetually high you can expect that the available resources are consistently inadequate.

Good thing there are people giving hope in PGH,

The PGH Medical Foundation recently turned over two (2) Ultraviolet Air Disinfectants (UVAD) to the HICU to help make the hospital safer and healthier for both patients and staff.

“The UVAD will help a lot in cleaning infection prone areas of the hospital as well as keeping infection sensitive areas like the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the nursery infection free. We are truly thankful to the Foundation,” said one of the HICU staff after the disinfectants were transferred to their care.