Vision and Mission


We envision to be a globally recognized philanthropic organization, a model in facilitating the provision of quality health care in the Philippines, worth of emulation of other volunteer institutions world-wide.


We are a community of committed volunteers generating resources in support of the health and welfare of the Filipino people through the various projects of the Philippine General Hospital, as the national university of hospital, in the fields of service, research, and training.

We bring together socially concerned partners and those served by PGH. We ensure that generated resources are optimally utilized for the intended purpose.


1. Altruism
2. Benevolence
3. Compassion
4. Honesty
5. Integrity
6. Social Responsibility
7. Transparency


PGHMFI established four (4) programs that ensure the achievement of its vision and mission as a conduit partner of PGH in its mandate of providing quality healthcare to its charity patients. The four (4) programs are, as follows:

1. PGH Charity Patients Medical Assistance Program
A flagship program of PGHMFI wherein PGHMFI has ongoing partnerships with Pandayan Bookshop, Isetann, Cebuana Lhuillier, Fisher Mall and Liana’s Supermarket through “SAVE A LIFE” campaign. This project has been undertaken for several years to boost the resources of PGHMFI for their direct medical assistance to charity patients admitted in the hospital.

This program provides medical assistance (medicines, special laboratory examinations and surgical supplies) needed by indigent patients admitted to PGH. Charity patients can easily access the medical assistance program through the recommendation and evaluation of PGH Medical Social Service.

2. Provision of Medical equipment and Supply
Under this program, medical equipment and supplies necessary in the smooth operations of the hospital are provided.

3. Infrastructure Development
Through this program, PGHMFI assists PGH in generating resources to help fund any renovation or construction works needed in the hospital to improve their facilities.

4. Research and Training
This program facilitates research or training program for PGH healthcare workers.