Vision, Mission


We envision to be a globally recognized philanthropic organization, a model in facilitating the provision of quality health care in the Philippines, worth of emulation of other volunteer institutions world-wide.


We are a community of committed volunteers generating resources in support of the health and welfare of the Filipino people through the various projects of the Philippine General Hospital, as the national university of hospital, in the fields of service, research, and training.

We bring together socially concerned partners and those served by PGH. We ensure that generated resources are optimally utilized for the intended purpose.


1. Altruism
2. Benevolence
3. Compassion
4. Honesty
5. Integrity
6. Social Responsibility
7. Transparency

1. Realization of the vision/mission of PGH Medical Foundation, Inc.
2. Sustainable programs of PGHMFI for PGH and its community